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"Steam engineering company specializing in the technical committee" members of the first General Assembly held successfully

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  September 12, 2015 morning, "in steam engineering company specializing in the technical committee" for the first time members of the General Assembly was held in the company headquarters, marking the formal establishment of professional and technical committees.

  Meeting chaired by Yang Jian, deputy general manager, general manager of Ding Yue, deputy general manager of Ruan soldiers made an important speech, respectively.

  Yang Jian, deputy general manager introduces the purpose of this meeting: the company hopes to technical committees, can become a learning team, not only within the specialty of mutual exchange of learning, but also to reflect the mutual communication between the inter-professional. Meanwhile, Yang refers to the Committee in young people, to join the team, not just parts of honor, but should be part responsibility, should learn from and strive to improve their professional level, as the company's technology team echelon own contribution to the development power.

  Soldiers from the establishment of the reasons Nguyen, deputy general manager of professional and technical committee, responsibility and the subsequent development of three areas made a speech. He first summarized the company's previously appeared in the technical development process issue, we want to build a specialized technical committee's technical core team, strengthen technical exchanges, especially in multi-disciplinary, cross-sectoral exchanges and promote the different departments of the company the unity between professional, team building in the professional authority. At the same time, also we hope that through the establishment of the Technical Committee for the technical staff provide a scientific and technological development of the channel. Finally, Nguyen total from exchanges of expertise, attract talent, unified technical measures to improve the age structure, create the innovation system, etc., presented to the technical committee next phase of work arrangements.

  Ding Yue, general manager of publication of a summary of the speech. First, from the small total marketing, service, technical aspects briefly reviewed the company's development process; raised through the establishment of the Technical Committee, the technical level of innovation for the company to provide a platform with the carrier, the company's technology development can be from passive to active, from Development of a single level of expertise into integrated technology improved. To this end, the company will give strong support in terms of resources, we hope after years of hard work, so that all professional companies in the technology level to become "the industry leader."

  Then, according to the schedule of meetings, the professional group elected by a democratic vote of the group committee director, deputy director, Yang scene by the election results announced.

  Professional director elected to become the first deputy director of the professional committee member of the Board company, and for each professional group work, post-technology research and so do a preliminary exchange. Yang outcome of the meeting to give full recognition, the last General Assembly in everyone warm applause ended!

  (Company specialized technical committee)

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