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National Machine Group successfully held its fifth worker Track Meet

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  Beijing autumn, blue and white cross-mapping. September 18, in order to "force counterparts, innovation and win-win" as the theme of the Fifth National Machine Group employees track meet was held at the National Olympic Sports Center, more than 5,000 from the company headquarters and affiliated companies of 42 representative teams Athletes and spectators gathered in the capital, compose "harmony."

  Current Games athletes enrollment of nearly 1,700 people, including nearly 600 participants in Beijing people, the ref number 110 people, volunteers more than 100 people; the establishment of a total of 60 events, including track and field events 35, 25 fun projects, the addition of Games broadcast gymnastics competition aspects, is the Group participating units in the previous Games the most complete, most contestants, the largest organization of the next Games.

  Leaders at all levels of this game will get attention. Stone 柯书记 opening statement, made at all levels of the Organizing Committee and the General Assembly should take "safe, healthy, harmonious and happy" for the purpose, the current Games opening into a high-quality games. Ren Hongbin Xu, chairman and general manager, respectively, the General Assembly declared open, closing the leadership group and Industry Bureau, deputy director of SASAC, Xu Yudong, the National Machine Group outside directors and group leaders in Beijing and other team members all attended the opening ceremony and watch the game.

  Current Games Organizing Committee in the implementation of the provisions of the central eight, while austerity Office will fully mobilize its internal resources, through active and innovative, well-designed and standardized management, the Games belong to the country to make the new machine's own event. Each team uniform broadcast gymnastics competitions, youth workers vibrant aerobics performance, leading cadres 4 x 50-meter relay, micro-channel platform interactive, live interview broadcast ...... these new settings to the atmosphere of the meeting agenda one after another a climax, the players and the audience for the participants to show a different past, spectacular Games.

  In this colorful stage, the National Machine athletes participate whole-heartedly, into ecstasy. This is a three-time national machine family of the most grand sporting event, it sports and harmony, morale and fraternity perfect blending. Although only a short day, but the schedule is progressing smoothly games, victories gratifying. On the track, athletes who courageously and outside the stadium, in the parade, cheerleading, writing all aspects of articles, pictures, etc., each team is also well-prepared, enthusiastic participation. Companies to participate in group games deemed to corporate image, to show staff morale, for honor, a valuable opportunity Ningxinjuli go all out, full of enthusiasm. Almost all companies have selected the two teams, a lot of units held a special advance worker games or trials, athletes braved the scorching summer sun to keep training.

  After fierce competition, Su Metroplex Group, China Electric Institute, China First Tractor, China's two heavy, China Agricultural Machinery Institute, the National Machine Heavy Industries, China Foma, the machine six homes and other eight units won Games team scores 1-8; Chinese double, China delayed, CMEC won the broadcast gymnastics selection 1-3, China Hainan Airlines and other six units won first prize; National Machine cars and other 10 units with tournament excellent preparatory work for special contribution award; the work International and 10 units acquire morality prize; double China and other six units to get the best creative award phalanx; CMEC and other six units prize for best media coverage; China Foma and other 15 units won the outstanding organization award.

  The success of this organization of the Games to promote fitness industry workers, improve workers to build an effective platform for physical and mental qualities. Cadres and workers to participate in the current Games as an opportunity to consciously enhance physical activity, enhance their overall quality, with a more healthy body and full of spirit of reform and development group active part in various undertakings second venture, a new country overseas recycling machine go, for the sustained and healthy development of enterprises make a positive contribution.

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