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2015 culture, brand and social responsibility training workshops National Machine Group companies held in Beijing

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  September 21 to 22, 2015, the National Machine Group corporate culture, brand and social responsibility training seminars (Beijing) Conference Center in farm yard machine.

  Ren Hongbin, chairman of the meeting around on "Strengthening National Machine cultural communication, accelerate the development of employee code of conduct, actively shaping the image of the National Machine" instructions requirements, in-depth training and seminars. Xu Jian, general manager attended the meeting and delivered an important speech, the system nearly 60 delegates attended the event.

  At the meeting, Xu Jian, general manager of the group in recent years, corporate culture, brand building and social responsibility management fully affirmed the work, and the work put forward three demands in the future. One is to raise awareness, promote the building of enterprise culture to enhance urgency. Strengthen the enterprise culture is the Group to implement the second venture, the new national recycling machine overseas inherent need to face the new situation is undergoing profound changes, the Group is an urgent need to strengthen corporate culture. The second is to strengthen the implementation, dissemination of corporate culture in depth. Each owned enterprises should focus on the implementation of good "National Machine Group Corporate Communication Plan" vigorously State Machine cultural promotion, expanding radiation and influence the group culture. The third is an orderly way, and strive to achieve corporate culture work of the three in place. Through the backbone training, work integration, inspection and supervision and so on, to ensure the Group's core values ​​conduction to all employees, the real culture "into the center, putting down roots."

  Conference "under the new situation of corporate culture propagation and landing strategy" as the theme, carried out special training, sharing the implementation methods of corporate culture landing. Meanwhile, delegates were divided into six groups, three links through discussions and the results show, the completion of the "National Machine Group Code of Conduct" live your feedback. The meeting also operation and use of the Group CSR information system, were explained.

  In content and form, the meeting made some innovations. Simple lessons from the previous training to group discussion and the results show, enhanced interactivity, enhance the effect. In particular, the results show links in the panel discussion, the venue a warm atmosphere, each team member deep thinking, brainstorming, sincere cooperation, and actively speak, let the participants left a deep impression.

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