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AE Profile

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Automotive Engineering Corporation (AE) was founded through the merger and recombination of SCIVIC Engineering Corporation and the Fifth Institute of Project Planning & Research of China Machinery Industry (FIPPR). It is affiliated to China National Machinery Industry Corporation Ltd. (Sinomach), which is a large central enterprise and a Global Fortune 500-listed company. With headquarters in Tianjin, AE now has more than 5,000 employees, including over 3,000 technicians and 500 overseas employees.

AE has the national high-level qualification certificates issued by government agency, covering the entire field of construction engineering。 It owns Class A Qualification Certificates in Comprehensive Engineering Design (i。e。, AE can undertake all engineering design businesses in total 21 engineering design industries in China), Engineering Consultation, Comprehensive Engineering Survey, Comprehensive Engineering Supervision, EPC contracting, Environmental Impact Assessment and Engineering Cost, etc。。 It is one of the strongest industrial design institutes in China and the largest engineering companies in China's machinery industry with the most complete business chain。 In the past 60 years of development, AE has made brilliant achievements, and has established its leading position especially in the automotive engineering planning and design, EPC contracting, and automobile production equipment supply, with its business capability reached the international level。 

Over the years, AE has been committing to lean and intelligent design of factory construction, and low-cost green energy-saving engineering construction, and has the ability to provide integrated whole-process system services covering a complete industrial chain, such as engineering consultation, engineering design, EPC engineering contracting, geological exploration, engineering supervision, project management, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning. 

With advanced technical level and excellent talents, AE's business has entered the high-end market of first-class domestic automotive groups and international brands. AE's customers include BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Volkswagen, Land Rover (Jaguar), GM and other international famous brands as well as major domestic automobile groups (companies). With proportion of high-end projects accounting for over 50%, AE has achieved solid brand influence and has occupied a dominant position in the main industry. 

Adhering to the development concept of “Joint Efforts and Shared Benefits”, AE will take forging an "Internationally Renowned Engineering System Service Provider" as its development goal, comprehensively promote business upgrading and management transformation, continuously enhance its ability to create value for customers, and strive to become a professional engineering company with outstanding core business, industry leadership and strong and lasting competitiveness。


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