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AE Memorabilia

● On September 10, 2015 Nisshin leadership team announced

● August 20, 2015 SAIC GM Wuling Automobile Co., Ltd. project groundbreaking ceremony in Indonesia, is currently the largest overseas project

● Get Beijing Benz "Beijing Benz Outstanding Supplier" award-winning August 2015

● July 14, 2015 was awarded the "top 100 enterprises in Tianjin" and "service enterprises 80" title

● April 28, 2015, Comrade Nguyen soldiers in national model workers and advanced workers commended the General Assembly was awarded the "National Model Worker" honorary title

● January 9, 2015 to participate in "industrial engineering vibration control of key technology research and application" project won the "2014 National Science and Technology Progress Award" prize

● December 5, 2014 by the merger of the emerging Fukuda Engineering Company Limited, to obtain a construction qualification, the company has realized from planning and design to construction of the whole industry chain qualification delivered

● October 2014 new high-end automotive painting equipment and the service base construction projects in North-cum-car base in North West Tsing District Industrial Park started

● September 19, 2014 won the "National Students' Employment named PARKnSHOP enterprises"

● May 26, 2014 the company won the "National Machine Group management to enhance the activity advanced unit" title, also received investment decisions management, information management advanced unit honor two special promotion

● April 2014 awarded the National Academy of Engineering Painting title "Pioneer Workers", this is my first time to get this honor

● January 2014 raised the value of competition and begun to implement the strategy, in July and the formation of objectives and points to improve the value of competition seven plates

● December 19, 2013 was awarded the "Meritorious Honor Award millions Way" SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile Co., Ltd. (SGMW)

● December 19, 2013 from a legal point of view the restructuring is completed, renamed "China Automobile Industry Engineering Co., Ltd."

● December 17, 2013 is eligible for the Ministry of Commerce issued the "People's Republic of China overseas project contracting business qualification certificate", the successful applicants to enter the international market, expand overseas project of "pass"

● VOLVO Year award in 2013 Supplier Conference on January 15, 2013 "Best Supplier 2013 VOLVO Year (VQE)" Awards

● July 1, 2013 July 1, 2013 the Company League is determined to become the thirteenth installment of "four red flag Communist Youth League Central Enterprises creation units", was created for the 2013-2015

● June 26, 2013 the company party won the Tianjin Science and Technology system to implement the party's 18 spirit of "mutual learning each other than each other" activities advanced party title

● The first Congress was successfully held April 15, 2013, elected the secretary of the "two committees", the deputy secretary and members were candidates

● February 26, 2013 proposed to become "internationally renowned engineering systems service provider," the brand and business objectives



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